We live what we teach!

Informational learning is predominant in our educational system. Teachers talk; students listen, take notes, take tests, get grades, and so on. Its all about memorization and regurgitation. That is not what we do at PDC.

Transformational learning

Transformational learning is about empowering students to discover the answers for themselves. It’s a slower process, but much more profound. That’s why it’s transformational.

We live in the age of too much information and not enough transformation. When people get stuck, it’s rarely because they don’t know enough. It’s because they lack the ability to act on what they already know. Transformational learning is not about taking notes in a notebook. It is about writing the lessons on your heart and in every cell of your body—so that your behavior flows effortlessly, without compulsion, from the wellspring of your natural desire to live the life you were born to live.

That is our philosophy. Bear this in mind at all time. Always ask the questions – how can I make this work in my career if I get a job tomorrow? How would I do this? What stories will I tell? How can I demonstrate that I really know this?

Remember – you can’t claim to know anything until you can do it yourself and teach others to do it

Project Delivery Coaching (a conceptsworld business) provides role or work experience-based training aimed at bridging the skills gap in the job market. So whether you are a stay at home mom or someone seeking to change career, we have the right opportunities for you. We provide work experiences and support in the areas of project management, business analysis, process improvement, social media management, software development and agile delivery.

Not Sure where to start?

To make lasting change in your career, you must unlearn, relearn and keep learning. The best way I know to learn is by doing – and that is what drives everything we do.

Davies Bamigboye Group CEO
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